Together We Can Transform the Lives of Our Community and Future Generations...

Join Us As We Empower Our Youths to Use their Existing Skills to Become Entrepreneurs & Service Professionals

Why Your Help is Needed During This Global Pandemic!

Majority of people in developing countries such as Africa are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 (e.g. difficulty of accessing a portable water, hand soap, sanitizer, PPE as well as the urge to touch their face more often).

Social distancing or self-isolation is almost impossible as they remain in close contact with one another who support them.

This demographic are at higher risk of developing severe complications and fatalities to COVID-19 due to undiagnosed underlying health conditions as they don’t have access to appropriate basic health care and support.

So far, little has been done by national governments to provide these people with the guidance and support needed to protect them during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, even though many of them are part of the high-risk group.

The challenges these communities face with this pandemic cannot be met by central government institutions alone. The people along with their families, as well as local government, community based civil society groups and private sector stakeholders also need to be actively involved.

Providing access to appropriate information as well as technical and financial support is key so the communities can effectively mobilize and organize as well as identify appropriate priorities to take action while working in partnership with local and national stakeholders.

It is crucial that essential community awareness is promoted in accessible and acceptable ways, involving the targeted groups in the design and implementation of community responses.

Your assistance is urgently needed and we implore you out of the goodness of your heart to donate to LanaRoc Youth Empowerment Initiative and Help Save Lives. Help us by donating generously to our COVID-19 Fund and contribute to the survival of children and people living in Africa and all over the world during these trying times. Thank You!!

Let's Stamp Out Youth Unemployment & Poverty Now!

Turning Youth Unemployment into Wealth Creation Through Entrepreneurship!

Our mission is to empower and mentor 5000 young people between the age of 16 to 24 by 2025 to be entrepreneurs using their existing skills. LanaRoc Empowerment mentors youths on developing a winning mindset, business creation, promotion and monetization.

LanaRoc Empowerment

LanaRoc Empowerment is a non profit organisation that envisions a world where we eradicate youth unemployment and poverty through mentorship on entrepreneurship.

The path to ending the cycle of youth unemployment and crime is to empower them to believe in the skills they already have and mentor them to use those skills to start their own business.

Whether it be a plumber, electrician or marine engineer, together, we can build a network of young people that are self sustainable and have the business know how to own and run a successful service based business.

Started by Lana Odubela, Co-founder and Director of LanaRoc Solutions Ltd, LanaRoc Empowerment believes that empowering our young adults to be the best they can be using their existing skills, will end the cycle of

On a grand scale, we see so much poverty and suffering in the world. The more foreign aid and money being pumped into the system, the more the poverty level worsens. From my interaction and experience, I've seen so many University graduates and brilliantly skilled youths waste away, roaming the streets, looking for jobs and when they get frustrated from getting a "no" after a "no" because the competition to get a job is so high, some unfortunately turn to social vices.

This has to STOP!

Have we ever sat down to think why there's so much crime out there, especially amongst our young generation? In order for us to end this cycle of unemployment, crime and poverty, the solution is


Are You Ready to Join us to Liberate our Youths and their Community Out of Poverty?

LanaRoc Empowerment exists to lead our youths out of poverty by empowering and mentoring them to be entrepreneurs in their respective area of discipline and skills thereby, liberating and stamping poverty out of communities now and for generations to come.

Our 3-Step Process is...



we help youths adopt a winning mindset for success using proven techniques that have worked for us. They are then equipped with the self confidence and knowledge that gives them no choice to want to jump out of bed in the morning!



we can't reach 5000 youths by 2025 on our own and we urgently need your help. We already invest our time and a percentage of our profits into our youth empowerment movement and need at least £2,500 per youth to kickstart their business.



we offer ongoing support so we can help them through any roadblocks that come their way. Business has its ups and downs and ongoing mentorship is required to help them keep up the momentum essential for continued growth.

Empowering One Youth, Empowers Many

By the time one youth is empowered it gives that individual the opportunity to engage their peers.  Rather than facing the peer pressure of social vices, they'll be conducting business meetings and generating wealth within their own community.

Let's Build Our Youth's Future Wealth Through Entrepreneurship NOW!
We Can Change a Young Person's Life and Help Them Build a Sustainable Business for Generations to Come

So What's in it for You?

We are giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 eight week transformational coaching programs worth over £4,600 (~$6,000) each!

As you now know, the best way to end youth unemployment and poverty is through entrepreneurship.

No forget that... The ONLY way to end youth unemployment and poverty is through entrepreneurship.

Do you believe you can get paid for your knowledge and expertise? YES!

We can help you launch and run a freedom based business with our Convert Your Funnel Program.

This will not only give you a second stream of income but replace it!

So you can have more freedom in your life and spend more time with family.

Think about where you are right now..

You might be working full time to support your family and you’re thinking that you don’t have time to start a business. Consider this, we all have the same amount of time..

168 hours a week...

24 hours a day...

8 hours to sleep...

10 hours a day at work (including commute time)

So that leaves 6 hours a day to look after yourself and family.


We all have the same amount of time, it’s about how you MANAGE it. With our many years of experience we can help you with time management strategies that will save you hours each week!

Can you find at least 2 hours a day to launch your own service based business?

Imagine what that could mean for you and your family...

What would an extra 4 figures per week mean for you?

So parents, with our help you can be running a successful business and if you have 2 young adults in your family, they can be launching their own business too. It’s a ripple effect of generational wealth as YOU can create your own income now!

So... What's the Catch to get FREE Access to LanaRoc Solutions Convert Your Funnel Coaching Program?

All we ask is for is your contribution to help create current and future entrepreneurs and you'll be invited to speak to one of our team to see how we can help you tap into your expertise and launch your very own service based business.

Claim Your FREE 8 week Coaching Program and Help Create an Additional Income Stream for Yourself, Your Family and Future Generations.

What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Us?

“On my entrepreneurial journey, Rochelle been a great support to me. When i commenced my business i was having the idea, was clear what i wanted to do but not sure how to market by idea and reach people across the globe. At that point of time, I met Rochelle and i decided to seek her help. I must say it was one of the best decision I made for my business. Rochelle always provided a bit of extra help, support and knowledge I needed to market my big idea. Rochelle is an expert and knows what support her clients require. She has certainly taken care of everything I needed to market my services. She helped me out not only in creating automated sales pitches, strenthening my social media assets, copy-writing, webinars and what not. The best part, she continued to offer her support even after the completion of the program. I truly enjoy working with her I highly recommend her & her expertise.”

Manpreet Kaur

“The energy of the call was amaaazing! Wow, did the rest of you guys feel that? We are in for a ride I see... Keep well everyone”

“LanaRoc have helped me to put together exactly what I had been visualising and after realising how much work they put into my website there were no chances I would been able to have done it alone. LanaRoc solutions are fantastic, always available to answer any of my queries and lend a supportive hand, adding in extra support to make My dream RoeFashion a reality. I would higly recommend LanaRoc Solutions.”

Amy Phillips, Roe


Frequently Asked Questions...

How will you use the £2,500 per youth to kickstart a youth’s business?

Research target audience and setup a marketing campaign to promote the business and create online assets.

Advertising costs - In any business you need an advertising budget. If you want quicker results, paid advertising is the solution. In order for people to pay you for your expertise, you need your target audience to know what you have to offer!

You mention service professionals, does this work for e-commerce i.e selling physical products?

Yes! we work with e-commerce businesses but you need higher start-up costs as you either need to buy your products or make them. Whereas, with a service based business you have lower start up costs as you are getting paid for the skills you already have. People pay for information and expertise especially if you can save them time and money.

How long does it take to launch a youth’s business?

It depends on the action they take. Our coaching programs are typically 8 weeks but we offer ongoing support after the initial 8 week program.

Time is Running Out... Don't Delay Your Support to Set Our Youths Free from the Chains of Unemployment & Poverty

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